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  • With my services, together we can create video ideal for any need or purpose. In recent years I’ve worked on an eclectic range of projects, providing me with a dexterous array of skills adaptable for the unique demands of each client. Feel free to browse previous examples of my work below

  • Small Business Promotion

    I am passionate about giving small businesses a big voice. I can raise awareness of your brand and make your audience listen

    (Produced by Life Size Videos. Also see Phoenix Cricket Club)

  • Testimonials

    Add believability and sincerity to your promotion by letting your customers do the talking. Nothing beats word of mouth and the power of referrals!

    (Produced by Life Size Videos. Also see ?)

  • Case Studies

    By exploring and discussing a specific, detailed customer journey, potential clients can familiarise themselves with your services/products without you lifting a finger.

    (Produced by Life Size Videos. Also see Allwyn Sanger)

  • Documentary

    Let the power of storytelling help deliver the right message to your audience, whether its for promotion or just to entertain

    (Produced by Four Card Films. Also see Little Blues Nursery: Curious)

  • Product/Instructional Videos

    Save time and money training by creating concise and informative video to teach staff or customers at their convenience

    (Produced by Urban Media/Life Size Videos. Also see Monitran)

  • Live Events

    Early or Late. Smart or Casual. Family or Business. Whatever the occasion, preserve the memory forever with a multi-camera video package

    (Produced by Life Size Videos. Also see The Business Awards)

  • Official Music Videos

    Together we can collaborate to create the perfect visual accompaniment for your tracks, old or new

    (Self-produced. Also see Lights, Camera, Nothing, Cast Away & Salt Water)

  • Live, Acoustic & Studio Videos

    Whether you’re on tour, in the studio or just jamming at practice, keeping fans updated is of paramount importance. Show them something that will keep them coming back

    (Produced by Butchy Davy. Also see Red Kites Studio Sessions)

  • Shorts

    My passion for film began in the cinema and evolved into a career after studying the art form at university. Making shorts is where I begun and what I’ll continue to enjoy

    (Full length video available – https://vimeo.com/84379244)

    (Produced by Trundle Films. Also see At Sunrise)

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